Posted on Mar 9, 2016 in Birth Stories

My very first birth in Maryland was up until 2 years ago my longest birth ever….40.5 hours. I still can remember driving home from PA and praying oh Lord don’t let me fall asleep.

This was a special birth to me as I had watched this mama grow from a little girl into a beautiful young married woman.

Renee was my first OP baby. We tried all kinds of tricks to get this stubborn girl to move but she wanted no part of it. Mama was graceful through every contraction but Renee just wasn’t going to cooperate.

Renee’s birth went against every aspect of her mama’s birth plan. Mama wanted no pain meds, no pitocin, no epidural, no episiotomy and no vacuum. Mama got all of those and I use this birth to this day as an example that a birth plan can give us an idea of what we want but in the end baby usually rules. 🙂

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